• New partnership with ZIA Consulting Inc.

    +++ ANNOUNCEMENT +++ New partnership!

    We are proud to present ZIA Consulting Inc. as our new partner for the north american market! Together we are able to enhance the solutions of ZIA by our certfied integration to provide all customers the most secure and flexible way to exchange data between Alfresco and SAP.  Read ZIA press-release.

  • Alfresco certified technology

    Alfresco certified!

    connexas 2.5 has passed as the world wide first software on marked the newly introduced certification process of Alfresco! From now, connexas is labelled as "Alfresco certified technology". An additional valuable benefit for all customers.
    Close to SAP. Close to Alfresco. Close to you!

  • SAP integration partner

    Certified for linking SAP to Alfresco

    With connexas 2.5 we offer the only SAP certified product explicitly certified with Alfresco! In combination with the label "Alfresco certified technology" we provide you the best integrated interface between both systems at all.
    Close to SAP. Close to Alfresco. Close to you.

  • Alfresco Summit 2013 - Boston

    Simple + Smart

    We are your partner for the integration between SAP and Alfresco. Together with our partners we offer you a smart solution also around our interface.
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    Image: Our booth in Boston at the Alfresco Summit 2013.


SAP certified

connexas version 2.5 is certified for SAP HTTP-Content Server 6.20 (ArchiveLink Protocol). By using the SAP standard protocol, the risk of unexpected issues is reduced to a minimum as connexas use strictly only ArchiveLink functionality.

Alfreco certified technology

Alfresco certified

connexas 2.5 is now also certified against Alfresco! We are proud to provide you the world wide very first certified software at all, that has passed the new introduced certification process of Alfresco.


Media center

On our Youtube page there are videos available that demonstrates the possibilities and flexibility of connexas. This includes the installation as well as business use-cases (i.e. invoice handling, barcodes).
Link to media center

About connexas

connexas is your 1st choice in connecting SAP with Alfresco! It's the only product on marked that is certified from SAP and certified from Alfresco to exchange data in a bi-directional way. Approved by SAP and approved by Alfresco means that we can offer a very powerful, reliable, stable and fully flexible solution that matches all best practices and coding standards to interact between both systems.
There is no smarter way to access long term archived documents in Alfresco through the SAP GUI (or even through the Alfresco GUI). Please have a look at our product flyer!

connexas overview

Your benefits while using connexas to connect SAP with Alfresco?

Some facts that makes a usage indispensable:

  • SAP certified business solution
  • Alfresco certified technology solution
  • Fully integrated into Alfresco (no additional Software/Hardware required)
  • Seamless integrated into the SAP environment
  • SAP data available for non-SAP users in Alfresco
  • Small, lightweight and fully flexible business solution
  • Bi-directional data-exchange
  • Replicate common meta-data from SAP to Alfresco already by default
  • Plug&Play (connect SAP with Alfresco in less than one hour)

There are already many customers worldwide that have decided to use connexas, to connect their SAP with Alfresco in a successful way.

Not yet convinced? Please check all the business scenarios that can be covered by connexas! Also, our additional services and the connexas price list may be interesting for you. Just contact us or order a trial version!